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choli & straight skirt

Full-Back Choli & Straight Skirt

This choli dance top is designed specifically for the full-figured dancer, or anyone desiring more modesty. The skirt has a single side-seam slit to allow for movement when dancing. Top in brocade with a hidden under-arm zipper, semi-fitted straight skirt in a variety of specialty fabrics with elastic waist or zipper.

Shown here in custom fabric with custom sleeves.

starting at:
XS - XL 2XL - 4XL
Full-Back Choli $40 $40
Straight Skirt $70 $80

Pirate Shirt

Pirate Shirt
This shirt is based off of our basic mens' shirt, but with a twist: the sleeves have an inset of our Pirate Fabric.

Available in cotton/cotton blend, this laced-front shirt has a collar and cuffs.
For the Pirate Captain, Lace can be added to the neck opening for more flair!

starting at:
XS - XL $60
2XL - 4XL $65

Photo by John "Bluebeard the Pirate"
Hanging Sleeve Tunic

Hanging Sleeve Tunic
This piece is a 15th century tunic variation of our Musketeer Cloak. It is a wonderful piece for a noble Lord.

Available in brocade or tapestry, this tunic has fully lined sleeves in a coordinating color.

Shown here in Velveteen with custom trim.

starting at:
XS - XL $120
2XL - 4XL $150
Romanesque Tunic

Romanesque Tunic
This 12th century tunic makes for a wonderful summer outfit, and is quite dashing when belted. The sleeves are cut long, so as to allow for an arm torc to be worn

Available in cotton/cotton blend, this tunic has a mantle and cuffs in a contrasting color.

starting at:
XS - XL $70
2XL - 4XL $90
Wrap Frong Jerkin Wrap Front Jerkin Wrap Front Jerkin
Requested as a custom order, others have liked it, so we are offering it as a special order!
Instead of your standard front closure, this jerkin has an overlapping wrap front and optional tie-on sleeves. Available in cotton twill, corduroy or tapestry.

starting at:
XS - XL 2XL - 4XL
Unlined $70 $80
Lined $90 $100
Sleeves $25 $25

Left: Photo by Eric "Redbeard the Pirate"

A variation of the Simple Gown in stretch panne velvet and velveteen. This dress looks stunning under a bodice or a Sideless Surcote.
No laces, and no train, this is a comfortable basic element to a nice wardrobe in sizes XS-4XL, as well as petites.

starting at:
XS - XL $85
2XL - 4XL $95
Solid Front Bodice

Back Laced Bodice
This bodice has a solid front panel with steel stays and laces on both sides and in the back. The longer line of this bodice makes for comfortable all-day wear.
Available in sizes XS-2XL

starting at $95

Photo by Eric aka "Readbeard the Pirate"

Front Lacing Bodice
When worn over a chemise or peasant blouse, a bodice is an indispensable part of a wench's wardrobe. This bodice is constructed using steel stays.
Available in brocade and tapestry, sizes S-2XL.

starting at $100

Photo by Eric "Redbeard the Pirate"

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