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Kuchi Jewelry

Kuchi Jewelry

Dancer's jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings.
Selection is continually changing.

Prices vary by item
Please contact us for current selection.
plain sash fancy sash
Sash Belts
Available in a variety of colors, these sashes are three to four yards in length. Add fringe trim to your sash for a bit of flair!

starting at $10
Flat Cap

Flat Cap
Available in wools and brocades to complement our cloaks, jerkins, doublets, and tunics, the flat cap is appropriate for men or women.
The Flat Cap is available in Child, Youth, and Adult sizes.
Show here with optional plumage, available separately for an additional charge, as the birds allow.

starting at $10
Pirate Pins & Scarf

Pirate Scarf & Pins
A variety of piratical-themed pins for your plundering pleasure. Scarves are approximately 14 in. and 21 in. square.

Pins, $2 ea or 3 for $5, scarves $5 and $10

Also known as portable air conditioning devices, folding fans available in a variety of styles.

$5 - $30, depending on style

Perfect for the person new to Faire, the tabbard can make even a t-shirt and jeans look almost appropriate to wear at Faire.
Available in stock colors with optional basic heraldry, in Child, Youth and Adult sizes.
Stock heraldry: Crown, Fleur-de-Lis, Rook (Turret)
All heraldry is done as applique.

Tabbard shown here with Custom Heraldry
starting at:
Plain or Basic Heraldry Custom Heraldry
Child $20 $35
Youth & Adult $30 $50
Pricing on Custom heraldry is based on complexity and colors of the design.

Also Available
Some items we do not yet have pictures for:
BulletTraveller's Hoods
For adults and children, in linen, wool or fleece.
Wool Options Fleece Options Linen Options
Wool Colors
Fleece Colors
Inquire for Colors Available

Prices based on standard or in-stock fabrics and are subject to change without prior notice.
Trim available on certain items for an additional charge.
Size Chart and Standard fabrics and colors

Is this a rush order? Do you need this order by a specific date? If so, when?
Expedited rush orders may incur additional charges.


Please note - all items are subject to prior sale.
If unavailable, we will issue an immediate 100% refund.

Shipments to Canada, Mexico or overseas are subject to additional shipping charges.

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